In my journey through the liberty movement, I discovered that a free market approach to solving issues is about the best framework we can implement in order to solve out nations problems. However finding an example which embodied those ideas, and shined with success in it’s implementation was much harder to prove, I was finding.

To be clear, what I mean is the decentralization of policy, letting our local towns and cities try new laws and policies in order to let the free market work, and show us the most efficient and acceptable policy per the market. Better put, let the People show us which policy is best, and the implementation of it, the most effective for the people living with it.

I finally discovered that perfect example I could showcase as a shining example of success in letting the people control their government through local means, rather than “needing” a federal government to impose their views.  I needed a government institution which mimics the principles, yet everyone feels is essential, but it’s implementation follow free market principles perfectly suited to the people it serves.

The Answer is Simple: Firemen!

Firemen are the perfect example of market solutions catered to the need of the people, rather than a blanket rule which most federal law enforces.   In large cities the people pay salaries to the firemen and employ full time career firemen, invest in technology and training to provide the very best for a major population center.  The people obviously want experienced people ready to run up a burning building when their building is on fire, and they are willing to pay a higher tax rate for that service.

In more Rural areas, you’d be lucky to find a building which is taller than 3 stories, and most of those are grain elevators.  Needing a professional force of firemen simply isn’t needed.  In most parts of the country the firemen are not even paid and rely on volunteer associations to provide protection and assistance in emergency situations.  Some parts of the country don’t even put your fire out unless you pay for it in advance through a monthly, or yearly subscription, and they will be happy to watch your house burn if you didn’t pay your dues.

Why does any of this matter?

It’s a perfect Constitutional argument to how local decisions for the people by the people are the best form of government.  If the current situation isn’t working for a local town, they can easily vote to pay for full time firemen and improve their ability to react to fires, or if they don’t see that need, they can as a town save money and move to a volunteer solution.  It’s the perfect free market example for how all the major issues should be solved in today’s government, and I finally found an example, which should have been so obvious to begin with.

People will always find the best solution for them and their family, and their community. Washington rarely has a perspective which can even understand the wide ranging needs of the people of this country.

Next time someone rolls their eyes at the idea of empowering the people to find the best solution, whether it’s healthcare, or social issues, you can point to the best fire departments in the world and show them that we can solve our problems just fine without Washington.