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Who won tonight's presidential debate? (10-3-2012)

  • Mitt Romney (66%, 784 Votes)
  • Barack Obama (30%, 364 Votes)
  • Nobody (2%, 29 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson (2%, 19 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,194

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9 Responses to POLL: Who won tonight’s Presidential Debate? (10-3-2012)

  1. Homepage says:

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  2. OK, I concede. Romney did a lot better than our Glorious Leader in the debate. For a while there I almost forgot that Romney is a statist big govenment establishment Republocrat. Still voting for Gary Johnson, but if Romney continues to mop the floor against the “smartest” president we have ever had, then he may actually be our next President.

  3. bork and Beans says:

    Seems some folks were not listening to what the candidates
    were saying. The way to produce revenue is to remove the road blocks that are
    keeping people from being employed. Get more people working, more people
    paying taxes = more revenue. This is not rocket science. Romney may
    not have spelled out his plan from A to Z and that may be answered in that he
    is open to hearing ideas of ways to get there. Obama’s problem is he is not
    open. He rejects any thing anyone has to say unless they are singing his
    song. Has anyone read the book “The Amature”. If you have not I suggest you look into who Obama really is. The Obama the NBC news will not tell you about.

    Romney said he wants to bring both sides together. Wait, isn’t that what Obama
    promised to do in 2008. Has Obama brought anyone together? His ideas are to separate
    Americans. Get the have not’s to hate the rich. Obama made several comments on
    what needs to be done to get the economy going. Well, why has he not done this already?
    He has had 4 years. Oh yeah, everyone does not agree with his way, I remember now. Was the first 4 the appetizer?? Where is the meat? I
    want meat now. We should have had some meat two years ago. He promised to change Washington,
    now he says it cannot be changed from the inside. So all the promises he made
    never had a chance for change. So why will the next 4 years be any

    I think Obama’s closing statement is very telling. What he is really
    saying is that his dream is that the United States becomes a socialist
    republic. Did you not hear it? Is that what the Obama people really want?
    A country that is void of all desire to achieve. Why would anyone want to
    become a doctor or dream of developing an idea or build a company as Robin Hood
    wants to level the playing field? Those making over 250K need to give their
    money to those who want to work at McDonalds the rest of their lives. Or even
    those who don’t want to work at all. Do you people really want that? Why be a
    doctor if 35% or more of what I make will go to those who have no
    ambition? Distribute the wealth and there is no incentive to achieve. I think the Germans already tore down this wall.

    If you truly believe in the HOPE you should help Obama fulfill his dreams of changing Washington from the outside. Like Clint Eastwood said, we hired him to do a job. As he has not done it, it is time we fired him. If you had a business and hired someone because they said they can do the work, if they don’t do what they said they could do, would you still employ them? If you say yes, I think all the unemployed will want to come and work for you because performance for you is not important.

    • It was readily apparent prior to Obama becoming President that he was a socialist. He cannot help himselt, He is a Marxist Socialist who does not believe in Capitalism, does not believe in individual achievement, does not believe in individual responsibility, does not believe in The Constitution. I just can’t imagine why his policies have failed!

  4. I watched and Mr. Romney still gives no real facts on his plans. The math of his tax plan will hurt the middle class because there has to be Revenue to substain a good economy to any recovery.

    • Getting more people back to work will generate more revenue.

    • Any additional tax on the American people will hurt our economy. You cannot continue to steal from the producers and give the money to the looters and the moochers and expect the economy to grow. I believe it is actually time to replace our progressive income tax fiasco with a revenue process that does not punish achievement. Both the flat tax and the national retail sales tax are much better alternatives than the current “punish the rich” and reward the special interests system of taxation.

  5. It looks like we have a couple hundred Democrat friends logging on to our page this evening. I hope you take time to browse some of the rest of our web site :-)

  6. When James Carville says Romney had a good night, you know it went badly for Obama.

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