Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama in an election that saw voter turnout drop by 12 million and only about 1% of the vote go third party. Barack Obama is easily the worst president of the last 50 years in terms of electoral statistics – unemployment, deficit, bipartisan efforts, etc. There is simply no excuse for losing to Obama. There is simply no excuse for losing 3 million votes from your own base.

Republicans are saying the party is too white, too old, and too male to beat Democrats, or that the nation is turning socialist and so the message of “hard work” is going to lose elections.

This is nonsense.

The GOP platform, and the GOP presidential ticket, was rife with internal contradictions, and represented little actual difference from the Democrats, other than rhetoric. That is the problem. That is why the base had low turnout. That is why we lost.

To imply that certain demographic groups will simply never vote for “hard work” and that their growth shows there is no hope for the GOP is simply ignorant and bigoted, and insulting to the intelligence of anyone who actually understands the principles of our founding. The choice in this election was not “hard work” (life, liberty, the pursuit) vs free stuff, it was big-government vs big-government, with the only differences being the recipients of the big government programs.

The Democrats don’t have this problem. The Democrats believe in a big-government, collectivist society where everyone has the right to everything they can possibly desire, and they don’t shy away from this message. In fact they double down on this message and say if you want to deny those free things, then you are waging a war on the particular group that would benefit. This is the root of the “War on Women.”

For example, the Democrats use “the common good” as their excuse for every big-government program. When the issue of marijuana comes up, Republicans support the failed drug war and prohibition because of an erroneous belief that making pot illegal is somehow good for society. Sure, when it comes to personal responsibility, you should not do drugs – but politically, the GOP’s argument against marijuana amounts to “Prohibition for the common good.” How can you expect people to vote for you when you’re using the same underlying principles as your enemy?  For the record, in Colorado they nullified marijuana prohibition by a popular vote, and ending prohibition got more votes than Barack Obama.

How can that be? Simple: ending prohibition is a principled position that transcends partisan politics. Principled stances, based on individual liberty, bring people together to defeat contradictory stances. If the GOP sticks with support for prohibition, they are essentially saying “We want free markets and everyone is responsible for their own income, but we want to control your private life and we’ll force you to be responsible with what you consume.” This inconsistency is deadly not because of this one particular issue, or because drugs are somehow good; it is deadly because in the minds of the voters it delegitimizes the other stances such as support for the free market.

The GOP must learn that weak-kneed middle-ground seeking and “moderate” candidates are not the solution for opposing these Democrats. The GOP must abandon its inconsistent positions and its platform issues that go against individual liberty. As Jack Hunter says: “The lesson of 2012 is that the Republican Party must truly become the limited government party it has always pretended to be—or it will die.”


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2 Responses to The GOP Establishment is Missing the Point

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  2. […] you might suspect, I believe this is totally false. While I have already written on the subject, today something happened that absolutely crystalized  my reasoning and made me realize exactly […]

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