Which Congressional candidate do you support in the US House District 1 race? Vote below and tell us why in the comments section. Your input in the comments section will be considered as we decide who to recommend for endorsement to the national RLC and our affiliated federal political action committee, RLCUSA-PAC.

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Which Congressional candidate do you support in the US House District 1 special election?

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149 Responses to Poll: Which Congressional candidate do you support in the US House District 1 race?

  1. Tom Marlowe says:

    I’ve known Tim most of his life. Always been impressed with him. I’d support him in any of his endeavors.

  2. MikeH says:

    I have had the good fortune to know Tim Larkin for several years now, as a brother mason, and as a friend. In him I see an honest man that embodies all that I would want in a representative. I look at, in dismay, all the negative and really god-awful remarks about other candidates. Those just diminish us all. Haven’t we got enough of that in government already? I will vote my conscience, as I am sure you all will. Good luck, Tim.

    • priceless22 says:

      At Mike H..you make it much easier for my decision to vote…A mason huh…no thank you!

      • MikeH says:

        @priceless. Glad i could help. I get a real sense of a very closed mind there though. So sad. I hope i am wrong, but God belss anyway.

        • priceless22 says:

          @ MikeH…after attending a memorial service for some deceased Masons…after feeling like the devil himself was in that locked room..where I felt I could not get out…and they pass around a skull…yeah I would really have good vibes for Masons. My step mother and I could not get out of there fast enough! I also READ. There is a wealth of knowledge out there about the Masons. And from what I can gather, anyone below a certain rank has no idea they are “useful idiots” of those of higher rank. And that they worship Lucifer. This info came from a certain pastor who had the book of a deceased High ranking Mason..the book that is supposed to go back to the Masonic Lodge so that no one on the outside could see what is in it. That pastor stated that the people in that Lodge..worshipped the devil. And after getting the heebee jeebees in that place..I can understand why that pastor stated such. Some people who are Born Again…can discern the presence of Lucifer.

          • MikeH says:

            @priceless…I see that i was not wrong. Thanks for sharing some of the age old lies about Masonry. I know thousands of Masons, and yet not one of then is an idiotic follower. as for being above or below any ‘rank’…this is where you really show your ignorance. I am a 3rd degree Master Mason. There is no ‘rank’ higher. All Masons meet as equals, and on the level. As to passing a skull around; I have never seen that, nor have heard of that happening in any meeting, work, or ceremony. It’s OK if you don’t vote for Tim Larkin because he is a Mason. It’s just your opinion and your belief. Just like I would not vote for nash because he is or was a cop. It’s just my opinion and my belief. Go in peace, and may the God of love and peace, delight to dwell with, and bless you.

            • priceless22 says:

              @MikeH..I was there ..I saw it happening..YES a skull was passed around. And you have been purposely denied the truth in that organization.

              • MikeH says:

                @priceless…I don’t know where you were, but it was not masonic.you are not a mason, and as such, are not allowed to see the beauty of a tiled lodge, but you would be able to see the beauty of a brother mason treating all men as brothers.My masonic education and upbringing teaches me to not take your very (to me) personal attacks, personally. Thus you are safe to continue the attacks all you want; i will not respond in kind, nor will i try to change your mind, it is fare too securely sealed shut. I will however pray for you, and hope that all your endeavors are sucessful. I must say though, that the preacher you cited, does not (again, to me) sound like a christian. nash was one of the candidates i was considering, but as I helped you decide, you have cemented my vote for Tim Larkin.

              • priceless22 says:

                Mike H…sorry tell you this…but it was the Masonic Lodge on Orange Grove Rd West Ashley. It was a ceremony for the deceased. Obviously, you have never been to one.
                I am not trying to besmirch you…I am giving you facts and my opinion of the Masons.The Pastor is not from here. He is from South Africa. But the book is still the same all over the world. Until you get up to the degree where you are allowed to read it…I guess you will just be one of the blind ones. My father was a Mason until he was born again…then he saw the LIGHT. He was pretty high up there, at one time.

              • MikeH says:

                tony mac, I could not agree with you more. Tim is a man of incredible integrity, and embodies all an American could ask for in a representative. There are several good choices in this race, but I find myself reading the replies on this that pull us down into the cesspool of negative and attack campaigning. although the garbage i see is not from the candidates themselves, I will judge those said candidates by who follows them. Neither you, nor I, said anything about any other candidate, yet priceless, replies about thing you did not even mention. f***you doesn’t even rate a reply. Good on you mate, keep it positive and maybe on day, all South Carolinians will opt for the positive side. Look to the light!

              • priceless22 says:

                And what I have to say about the Masons and what I have observed has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Ray Nash.

                I am sorry you are so involved with an organization like that. Maybe one day, you too, will see the Light of Jesus, and walk the right path. I will pray that you do.

            • priceless22 says:

              You also must not know the term “useful Idiot” Read Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and enlighten yourself. It should be read by anyone who opposes Communism. Because it is the book that Obama used to make himself a Community Organizer. Full of Marxism. You don’t realize you are being used. But maybe one day..you will.

              • Tom Lewis says:

                There is a saying: “None so blind as those who will not see.” Also: “Don’t confuse me with facts, I already have my mind made up.”
                Here are the facts: I was at the Lodge Of Sorrow you speak of and there was nothing satanic about it. For your information, I have been a Mason since 1975, I have visited Lodges all over the world, and I hold 32 of the 33 Degrees. If there was satanic teaching in Masonry I would have encountered it by now. I usually encounter more Godly men in a Masonic meeting than I do in the average church service. Sorry to disappoint you, but if you’re looking for something satanic, Satan will see that you find it wherever you choose to look. Unfortunately people like you seem to prefer lurid fantasies to boring truth.

              • priceless22 says:

                @Tom Lewis…there was a skull there..they did walk around with it…and YES I felt Satan there. Period. End of story.

  3. Marie says:

    Sanford did a great job as governor, he made a personal bad choice. He should not be condemed for the rest of his life.

  4. Salvatore Livreri, DMD says:

    Is Bostic suspending his campaign?!?!

    Why is he pulling out of all the debates sposnsored by the RLC?

    Curtis Bostic pulled out of the debate on the 7th. Bostic also pulled out of the last Republican Liberty Caucus forum on February 20th in Mount Pleasant and was not present at Saturday evening’s forum at the Citadel.

    Is he afraid people will not see him as the bastion of liberty? If he has so many “supporters” as the polls on THIS website keep saying, why would he not want to appear at these forums? I think you have your answer.

  5. priceless22 says:

    Now to those who keep tearing down Ray Nash on a few allegations. YOUR ANSWER IS HERE! Go to youtube and watch “Response to Critics” under the name RAY NASH. And if this site allows it…here is the link http://youtu.be/6A2Q2yJ30aY
    Ray Nash explains every lie that has been told about him. Explains it fully. A man of integrity..no matter what the others say!

  6. priceless22 says:

    I am not supporting Bostic, but let’s make one thing clear, according to law..a person running for Congress can live ANYWHERE in the state and still run for the office. A person DOES NOT have to live in the district where he is running for office.

  7. Jim says:

    I find Andy Patrick to be a highly qualified candidate having served in the USAF, put himself through college, served as a New York State Trooper and then served in the Secret Service protecting our President and his family during some of the most dangerous times in our history. His knowledge of the issues, calmness under pressure, his devotion to family, all display an example of leadership that we are in need of for this Congressional seat. I am personally proud of all our Republican candidates and happy to have such a great selection of men and women for our party.

  8. Judy says:

    I like Ray Nash because he is a Constitutional conservative and a sheriff – not a politician. He is also one of a very few who knows all about the dangers of the UN Agenda 21. Ray Nash has my vote!

  9. Tony Mac says:

    Well, I will be supporting Tim Larkin. I see him a man of the people with a good head on shoulders; as well as values. Now, I don’t see any reason to send back a man who has already held that office; my state senator, who couldn’t find the time to return my call this past year or reply to an email; an former sheriff, when there has been questions on how he manage his department and budget. Know what? I don’t see any reason to send ANY of the professional politicians that running in this election. If you don’t agree with Tim Larkin, do us all a favor and take a close look at Jeff King and Jonathan Hoffman. All three of these men are smart, have good values, have not been corrupted or told what their positions will be one in office. More importantly they are just like you and I, a man of the people!

    • priceless22 says:

      @TonyMac…try not listening to rumors. I understand that the problem at the Sheriff’s office was not the fault of the Sheriff..but a dishonest underling. Nash is an upstanding individual who knows the Constitution so well…he does not need notes to speak. He has been in the Afghani Theater for 3 years and knows we need to come home. He knows what the military go through over there. He saw waste, fraud, and abuse. He is very ethical and has tremendous integrity! A Godly man. Married to same woman for many years. Started in law enforcement when a teenager. And can any other man running say he would give up his life for you? Every law enforcement officer who truly knows the meaning of protect and serve …will give up his/her life for you. He/she has to know the Constitution like the back of their hands because they have to make split second decisions out on the street..using the Constitution. It is much better to have a lawman in the House, than a lawyer, or any other person running. Most of those running are wonderful people…but you also need someone with wisdom and discernment…which can only come with living your life long enough to gain such. Many of those running are just too young to have gained such knowledge. IMHO.

      • Tony Mac says:

        Priceless, I don’t know where to begin on this. First, as a veteran and man who been around just shy of 50 years; you can’t say whether he would give his life for me or not. It sounds good throwing around words like that, but until the day Mr. Nash has taken a bullet for someone. You can’t say what he would do or not do, nobody can. Those of us who have serve know this and we trust in our brother next to us to have our back when things go south and it get rough out there.

        Now, as far knowing the Constitution and believing in it; that is great. That said, Mr. Nash doesn’t corner the market on knowing The US Constitution. There are many people who knows it, understand it, and believe in it. You need to bring more to the table; it not enough to just to know the Constitution well. I rather the person in office to know the Constitution, believe in it and have the leadership to be able to reach across to the other side and find common ground to get the people work done. Now on the street knowing the Constitution is a good thing, but I don’t think it comes into play much when making life and death decision. It’s better to know the State Law and your departmental policies, as well being wise when making life and death decision on the street.

        I will leave the questions about how the Sheriff Department was ran under Mr. Nash alone. You keep supporting your candidate, but he not for me.

      • f*** you says:

        The Paulbot loser of the week is ray nash the f***ing sheriff who was a theif and liar!!!

        MODERATOR NOTE: This post was edited because of profanity.

  10. Lynn P. says:

    I support Tim Larkin. Tim has the character, integrity and tenacity needed to overcome the multifaceted obstacles that exist within our political realm. He is a Veteran of Afghanistan & has served our country with honor. He loves the low country and truly gives of himself through his local community service. (Dottie Pittman Volunteer of the Year in 2011 & 2012). Our country is being hijacked by career politicians and we need a ‘reachable’ representative that is willing to jump in the trenches and truly fight for our constitutional rights. I believe that Tim Larkin is that individual. (BTW, It’s time that ‘we the people’ remember who pays for our career politicians salary & health care.)

  11. Summer Everidge says:

    Tim Larkin is one of us!

  12. Michele Bibby says:

    Tim Larkin is very dedicated to any endevor he chooses. Chose him for Congress and our State and Country will move forward in the RIGHT DIRECTION. His values are solid and his vision is clear.

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    • Peter Pavkovich says:

      I have had the privilege of working with Ray Nash in Afghanistan. Ray is not only a constitutional scholar and experienced law enforcement officer, he possesses the most important quality that should be considered when sending an elected official to Washington – but is lacking in almost all congressmen from both parties – common sense.

      We shared an armored truck together many times on the streets of Kabul. I never once saw Ray act inappropriately. Ray was known as a man of integrity and principles. He served as a counselor to American and Afghan alike.

      I do not live in SC, but if I did, I would cast my vote for Ray Nash, a great American..

  14. Mary Evans says:

    Of the many good choices running here, Ray Nash is by far the best choice. He has been teaching integrity to Police and military all over the world. Congress could use a little integrity. He knows the Constitution. Congress needs someone who will defend our constitutional rights. His experience and expertise in the political realm as sheriff make him a stronger and wiser candidate. We need Ray Nash in Congress.

  15. I’ll be supporting Ray Nash for 1st Congressional seat. I had the privilege of vetting him and other candidates in Saturday’s candidate forum in Charleston. I was blown away with Ray’s knowledge of the Constitution, it just rolls off his tongue effortlessly. He also has knowledge and understanding of Agenda 21 which the other candidates lacked. Conservative values and adherence to our Constitution is what is sorely needed in Washington.

  16. Addison Wright says:

    As someone who has considered all of the candidates, I can confidently say that I will be voting for ANDY PATRICK. His strong values, strong background, and strong sense of the right direction for South Carolina has won my vote. I encourage everyone to read his Pledge to the Low Country for a better idea about Andy’s vision. I sincerely hope that the RLC will consider Andy Patrick for endorsement!

  17. I support Elizabeth Moffly, she is a common sense conservative protecting our constitutional rights. Elizabeth will represent We the People and be our voice in creating a balanced budget. Our country is in jeopardy and out future depends on sending people like you and me to Congress to protect our liberty and pursuit of happiness.

  18. TIllman says:

    integrity, not a career politician, seems to have support from Tim Scott
    from what I can tell

  19. Patti Miller says:

    Tim Larkin is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. He is an honest man with outstanding values and truly wants to make a difference in government.

  20. Berkeley Independent says:

    All of y’all voting for Bostic are fools. Dude doesnt even live in the freaking district.


    • branchofthevine says:

      He is a business owner in Charleston County, has an office on Wappoo Rd, attends church on Arlington Dr. Any tax-paying business owner would know why he is able to run for this seat in District 1. The fact that he is constitutionally able to run and extremely qualified to serve are all that is needed.

  21. Suzie Townsend says:

    Tim Larkin is honest and hard working. What more can you ask for? He honestly cares about each person, has a great work ethic and will work hard for all of us.

  22. John Quick says:

    Ray Nash is a Law and Order candidate who has the same values as Tim Scott the man he will replace in Washington. He is very familiar with the international problems we have. He was a security adviser in Afghanistan for the last few years. He was Dorchester County Sheriff for 11 years. He is a true American who cares for his country and will be able to jump into the circus up there with both feet and make enough noise to move us in the right direction.

    • priceless22 says:

      IMHO Ray Nash has MORE integrity than Tim Scott.
      Ray Nash would never vote for the NDAA or the Patriot Act. Both of those laws took away our rights under the Constitution. ..giving Obama all the ammo he needs to get rid of us…without anything happening to him!
      Tim Scott voted for both of these laws.

  23. Salvatore Livreri, DMD says:

    Wow! A tweet must have gone out tonight ;-)

    Seriously, from his own website (bostic law firm):

    “In 2004 he authored and sponsored the Charleston Greenbelt Bank ordinance. To date, this highly successful program has garnered over 59 million dollars to facilitate the purchase of over 15,000 acres in parks and “greenspace” for the citizens of Charleston. Mr. Bostic also served on Charleston’s Greenbelt Advisory Board.”

    Forgetting about all the “green” innuendo (property right loss masking as environmentalism), this is the organization that decides how part of our half cent transportation sales tax is doled out. For protection of greenspace. For example, one of the approved projects was to protect one acre for 430,000 dollars of tax money. Some of the larger schemes have doled out close to 5 million dollars. But no worries, there could never be any chance for corruption and kickbacks here.

    Secondly, as a health care provider, I am not fond of personal injury attorneys. They drive up the cost of health care. They are virtually all sleazy. But, no worries here, I am sure he alone stands out amongst personal injury attorneys as someone who would NEVER file a frivolous case. After all, he is concerned as a human being…. the top of his website says, “Have you or a love one been injured?”

    • priceless22 says:

      One thing we DO NOT NEED in CONgress…is ANOTHER LAWYER! WE need a lawman! Someone who will be there for US to protect US…and there is only one Sheriff running in this race…and he happens to be a Constitutional Sheriff!

    • priceless22 says:

      Sheriff Ray Nash WON the vetting of ALL the Candidates, at the Convention Center, this past Saturday. The Patriots know a good thing when they see him, and ask him questions! HE beat out EVERYONE! Why? Because he is REAL! And he is no lawyer!
      I am sure you have heard the joke about there not being any lawyers in heaven..haven’t you? There is usually truth in humor…to some extent.

      • Donna says:

        Comparing Curtis Bostic with all other injury lawyers is like comparing Ray Nash to Andy Griffith. Those are mere stereotypes. The problem you who are bashing Curtis Bostic have, you don’t know the man. There are many who know his character, and his church leadership, and his heart. I can skip comments on real issues about Curtis without replying. But when you begin to bash his character simply because he is a lawyer (and yes one who turns away schemers) you have gone too far.

  24. Hung says:

    Tim has served in our military and he’s one of us. He grew up in SC.

  25. Peggy says:

    He is fiscally responsible and believes in the constitution this nation was founded on!

  26. Steven Dunning says:

    Larry Grooms will be a great man for this job. He is a good work

  27. Olivia Blair says:

    I like everything about Mr. Bostic!

  28. David Vath says:

    I am voting for Curtis Bostic. He has actually read and understands the United States Constitution.

  29. Jennifer Bales says:

    Curtis Bostic has my prayers AND my vote! He is a Christian family man who homeschools and supports small businesses. My pastor as well as many friends have spent personal time with him and I trust him to do what is right if/when he is elected. God bless America.

  30. Bobbi says:

    Do we really want to vote for Bostic? His son is some actor celebrity who only cars about himself – we don’t need another celebrity connection in DC.

    • Jeff says:

      I’m not a Bostic supporter but I don’t understand why his son’s success is a reason to oppose Bostic. That is pretty peculiar.

    • James larder says:

      EXPECT this poll to be won by Curtis. His son Daniel has been tweeting to his 48k followers asking them to vote for his dad – hence why Curtis wins nearly every online poll!!!!!

      • Donna says:

        I think when March 19th comes you may be surprised just how many of these straw votes turn into real district votes for Curtis Bostic.

  31. momi says:

    Larry Grooms has proven to be a successful business man.Fiscally responsible. A man of great integrity and of great concern for the concerns of his constituents. He has always been responsive to questions in a timely manner. He represents the values that have made America a proud nation. He will continue to be the defending voice of the unborn and protect the rights of every American to pursue success and not be penalized for that success. We need his voice because he will truly be our voice in Government.

  32. Mr. Logical says:

    After reading through many of the voters’ justifications for their votes, I am left very discouraged. So and so is a Christian? I saw so and so at Walmart once? Come on people. Vote for who is going to best combat the national debt, not further the interests of your private congregation. This is why Republicans lose national elections.

  33. Charleston Liberty says:

    I voted for Larry Grooms because he’s the only one with the experience and no baggage. He will represent us well and with integrity. And he’s just as fiscally conservative as Mark Sanford, yet no baggage. Winner to me.

  34. Alex says:

    Voting for Blandford: he is the only true libertarian in the bunch. We need somebody with a radically small-government mentality to balance out the tendency to bureaucratic bloat that has been supported by both sides of the aisle. All these candidates claim to be fiscally conservative, but Blandford is the only one I would count on to oppose the Patriot Act/NDAA/Homeland Security/TSA destruction of our civil liberties.

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  36. Dan says:

    You’re saying that Blandford is 3rd on your list because you don’t think “some conservatives” will vote for him. So instead of voting for who you think is right for the country, you’re going to vote for who you think is going to win. Sorry, but I think that is very flawed logic. Voting is not a popularity contest!

    • Salvatore Livreri, DMD says:

      Dan, I scrolled through all the comments to see who actually ranked any candidates 1, 2, 3. I found NONE. But I am going to assume your comment was in reply to my previous comment of Feb 1st since I mentioned 3 candidates.

      If you will re-read CAREFULLY please my comment, you will notice that Sheriff Nash is my top choice. I also brought up two other candidates that I like, Sanford and Blandford. If you will read carefully the comment again, you will find NO place that I said Blandford is who I like most, but I will vote for someone else because they have a better chance to win.

      I am sorry, but I ALWAYS vote my conscience. Which is why I usually vote for 3rd party. And my vote is never wasted. I voted for Chuck Baldwin in 2008, Virgil Goode in 2012, and oh, yeah, lest I forget…. Keith Blandford in 2010 and 2012.

      It just so happens that in this field of candidates and this election, I am most aligned with Sheriff Nash. But believe me, if he was not running, it would be either Sanford or Blandford.

      If your comment was sarcastic, I don’t know what to say. If your comment was heartfelt, you are indeed wise and have demonstrated why our country is in such trouble.

  37. Bill says:

    I am concerned about all the support for Curtis Bostic. There are other committed Christians running. Mr. Bostic is a Personal Injury Lawyer. They look at the world differently than most of us. I don’t think we need another trial lawyer in Washington. We can do better!

    • Katrina Reeves says:

      “They look at the world differently than most of us” ??

      Wow. What a loaded comment!

      I can’t judge how differently Mr. Bostic…or any of the other candidates, for that matter…may view the world, but I do hope that, as a Christ-centered, educated, homeschooling, family-building, hard-working former soldier, he would have insight and perspective to make him an excellent candidate for the position.

      • Bill says:

        Ray Nash is all those things-and not a personal injury lawyer.

        • priceless22 says:

          Amen Bill. If you desire a man who will LISTEN to We the People..If you desire a man who follows the Constitution..if you desire a man who teaches ethics and integrity to police officers..if you desire a man who is fit…if you desire a man who believes in Jesus as his Savior..if you desire a man who will defend you, even if it means his death..if you desire a man who has been in Afghanistan for the last 3 years and KNOWS what is going on overseas with our troops..if you want a man who would never vote for the extension of the Patriot Act or the NDAA…and I could go on…Ray Nash is your man! Vote for a Constitutional Sheriff!

        • Charleston Liberty says:

          Ray Nash can’t balance a budget unfortunately.

      • Tony Mac says:

        He is a Marine. Now, I’m not putting my support behind him because there something I can’t put my finger on that just don’t sit right with me, but he would be around 4th on my list. Maybe, it the money that being thrown at this campaign. Seems a little wasteful but that is me. I want someone who going to be thrifty with our money and when it is spent, it well spent.

    • jer says:

      Mr Bostic is a lawyer, and a highly ethical one. He practices many facets of law. You should not be ‘concerned’ about all the support for him, it shows how respected he is in the community. His campaign has something that most of the others do not; a life lived serving others, and leading in various areas of life. He will truly represent our conservative values well. I also respect Mr Nash, but think Curtis has experience and the background to stand on convictions, and make the practical arguments to defend them.

    • Tom Utley says:

      My concern is his support for unlimited military spending and his believe in the Keynesian notion that funneling money to defense contractors is good for the economy.

      • Salvatore Livreri, DMD says:

        Herein lies the problem with most conservatives. Despite their good heart and best intentions at wanting to be the policeman of the world, we cannot sustiain this. Even if we assumed that our mingling is actually good for the world and for us, we cannot afford this any longer. People, we are broke and have to stop spending money. Printing money out of thin air, whether it be for progressive causes or conservative causes, does the same thing in the end… It decimates The People.

    • Donna says:

      Comparing Curtis Bostic with all other injury lawyers is like comparing Ray Nash to Andy Griffith. Those are mere stereotypes. The problem you who are bashing Curtis Bostic have, you don’t know the man. There are many who know his character, and his church leadership, and his heart. I can skip comments on real issues about Curtis without replying. But when you begin to bash his character simply because he is a lawyer (and yes one who turns away schemers) you have gone too far.

  38. T. A. Skinner says:


    I’m weary of career politicians ! We don’t need another attorney in Congress either.


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  40. Lynn P. says:

    Voting for Tim Larkin! An honorable & ethical man that has served his country and community with an humble spirit. A rarity these days.

  41. Tom Berry says:

    Ray Nash has the values and character to shake things up in Washington. Being in Congress these days is not for the faint of heart. Society is crumbling and the nation is bankrupt. It’s about time we send in the A-Team!!

  42. E. Duffield says:

    Tim Larkin is a patriot, a dedicated member of the community, and most important, worthy of our trust and respect.

  43. Lorraine says:

    Almost all of these candidates are rich, career politicans or businessmen who have only two things on their minds: money and getting to the next rung on the ladder. Elect them and it will just be politics as usual. I’m voting for Tim Larkin because everything he has done in his life and everything he stands for is an exact image of the people of District 1. Hear him speak – he IS our voice. He will pick up exactly where Tim Scott left off. He will make sure we are taken care of. It’s time we had some REAL representation, and with another Tim on the team, we’ll get it.

    • priceless22 says:

      Ray Nash is not rich in money…but rich in spirit, integrity, family, ethics, and will give his life for you. Will other candidates do that? Elect a Constitutional Sheriff!

      • Raineday23 says:

        Spirit, family, etc are great. But I want someone who will do the job and represent the people, not someone looking to further their résumé.

        • priceless22 says:

          @raineday23…obviously you don’t KNOW Ray Nash!!

          • No I’m pretty sure Nash is doing this for his rung? And what really gets me…. He was working over seas ( which brings in a pretty penny) and up and leaves for a crowded race! Tim Larkin had my support all the way…. Hard working American who listens! He’s not in it for fame and fortune he is it it for the people!

            • priceless22 says:

              Again…you don’t know Ray Nash. I suggest you look him up. You will be surprised. He realized the waste, fraud, and abuse going on in Afghanistan. He realized our work is DONE there. We need to quit protecting our enemies borders, and start protecting our own.

              I am a former police officer. And I KNOW ..like many of us officers..he would give his life for YOU.

              Vote for RAY NASH!

              • Lorraine says:

                Nash WAS a police officer…now he’s a politician. I’m voting for the soldier who took a solemn oath to die for me and still wears the uniform.

              • priceless22 says:

                @ Lorraine…and that soldier is NOT a politician? And is it not a conflict of interest to be a soldier, and a politician at the same time? Where in the oath for the military is it that specifically says “and I will die for you”. He swore an oath to the Constitution just like Ray Nash did. Just like I did. I have nothing against our military I was a military dependent. But you do not make sense. Please come up with some valid points that makes your candidate BETTER than Ray Nash. I don’t think you can.

                AGAIN..you do not know Ray Nash and obviously, you will not take the time to know him. YOUR loss!

  44. spiderpig78 says:

    Tim Larkin is a new political face getting away for the already ingrained establishment and will do well to represent the folks of SC

  45. James V says:

    Tim Larkin is a true patriot. He is a highly decorated combat veteran whom I had the honor of serving a tour in Afghanistan with. He worked closely with senior military leaders and is held in high regards. He is a noble fighter, who has what it takes to make tough decisions, and stand up for what he believes in. He is EXACTLY what we need in Washington to get this great nation back where it belongs.

    • We look forward to hearing more from Tim Larkin over the next couple weeks and learning where he stands on issues. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

      • Thomas Larkin says:

        Tim Larkin has experience in important military situations. I believe defense will be more of an issue in the very near future. We need this kind of expertise in Congress.

        • priceless22 says:

          Ray Nash just spent 3 years in Afghanistan.

          • Raineday23 says:

            Exactly. Meanwhile, others (like Larkin) have been here serving in the community non-stop, and know what we need done ASAP. Nash served his time as sheriff and moved on to new self interests; he should keep doing that.

            • priceless22 says:

              No…having experience overseas as to what is going on there…as to how our taxes are being spent..and how are military are being used and hurt…are very important to being a Congressman. It is called Foreign relations information. And Ray Nash HAS that experience, and info. We need someone who has years of experience, wisdom, and discernment ..and someone who learns from mistakes either made by him, or others.

  46. Salvatore Livreri says:

    Ray Nash will follow the US Constitution to the letter a-la Ron Paul style. I guess he will be called “Sheriff NO”. If that works for you, like it does for me, then vote for him. If you want a more establishment blend, then any of the others except Sanford and Blandford will toe your party line.

    • So Nash, Sanford, and Blandford are your top three?

      • Salvatore Livreri says:

        Yes. I’ve already explained Nash who is my top choice. But my reasoning for sanford and Blandford are as follows:

        Sanford, although he has had his share of bad publicity ( of his own doing), I believe is a good choice. As governor, when he had both the Democrats and the Republicans in the general assembly hating him, he must have been doing something right by The People.

        Blandford is a true libertarian, which I like. But the libertarian brand turns some conservatives off because some conservatives become like liberals in that they want to use the government for their own agenda (ie, social issues). These issues should be dealt with in the Church, not government.

  47. mike says:

    There may be several good choices here, but Tim Larkin believes in Fair Tax, leaving the constitution alone, and not only balancing the budget, but reducing spending.We could not put our trust in a better, more honest man. i will vote for him, and if you listen to me, i’ll try to get you to do so.

  48. Kim Williams says:

    Ray Nash is my candidate because he is a godly, conservative man who was never afraid to show his faith when he was Dorchester County Sheriff. We need someone else who will stand up for what they believe in even if it is not popular.

  49. Cilgar says:

    Ray Nash is a good Christian man who is looking to help America get back on its feet. Would be proud to have him in office.

  50. david ivey says:

    Ray Nash is a born leader, served as sheriff for three terms, just returned from Afganistan and truly believes the constitution is our guidebook for congress and scripture is the sword of truth.

  51. Becky Eraybar says:

    I support Tim Larkin because he is an honest man who works tirelessly for his community. I also believe that hewill work cooperatively with all types of people, even those he disagrees with.

  52. Bill Simpson says:

    I support Tim Larkin because he is a close personal friend and I know him to be Honest, Hard Working and of an Upright and Moral Character. Tim is not a Politician and will not make promises he cannot keep, it’s not in his nature. He is a self made man who will do the right thing no matter what pressure is brought on him.

  53. Kellie Culbreth says:

    I support Mark Sanford because while he was our Governor, I supported a high percentage of his decisions. He was a great Governor and I will support him being in the House as well.

  54. Patti Miller says:

    Tim Larkin because he is honest, hard working, a truly great man and wants to do the best job possible.

  55. Robert Carlisle says:

    Tim Larkin because he is the most honorable man I know.

  56. Tom Lewis says:

    I know Tim Larkin personally, and he stands up for what is right, even when it goes against his own interests. This is a rare thing these days, especially among politicians.

  57. Linda Peterson says:

    Curtis Bostic regularly exercises his great leadership skills in his community, loves the United States, gives himself to the needs of widows and orphans overseas, and many others at home, is a terrific family man, understands the Constitution, and is highly motivated and gets things done. He is also a man of high morals and integrity under God.

  58. Charlotte Moss says:

    Ray Nash is a Godly man who loves his family and country

  59. Alice says:

    Curtis Bostic is an honest, godly man who is dedicated to the Constitution (which IS the rule of law for America. He has lived a consistent life of service to his nation and community. He will work for the “people” he represents. He knows we have to “Stop Spending”. America needs this man!

  60. Katrina Reeves says:

    Character, commitment, common sense. Three key components lacking in many of our politicians’ behavior. He also understands the “servant” part of “public servant,” since he takes his cues from the greatest public servant of all, Christ.

  61. Pam says:

    I support Curtis Bostic as he is a fine, upstanding man. A man of great faith. He knows the Constitution and that is what is needed in our Country. Someone who KNOWS the Constitution and will act upon it in all situations.

  62. Colleen Condrey says:

    Curtis Bostic has proven himself to be God’s servant. We need more leaders like him who will seek the Lord in decision-making! He will not be self-serving as so many are in government.

  63. faye Reeves says:

    Curtis is a man of integrity.

  64. Kelli Eadie says:

    I support Larry Grooms because he is true to his word. He really does care about us, this is not to just benefit him. He is very family oriented and truly knows about being an average working man. Everything he has accomplished is from hard work and his faith. He is what we Americans truly need.

  65. Jer says:

    Curtis Bostic. He has been a leader in our community for many many years, even without an elected office. He has proven himself to be selfless and compassionate, as evidenced by his involvement in (and founding of) many charitable causes. He also is a smart constitutional student, who doesn’t just pay lip-service to conservatism, but can actually make logical, well-thought, and impassioned defenses of our values. He will be a difference-maker.

  66. Jim Pittman says:

    I support Curtis Bostic because he use the Constitution as the “Rule of Law”. He is a great patriot

  67. Tammy says:

    I support Curtis Bostic because he is a man of integrity and that, especially in politics, is hard to find.

  68. Ann Smith says:

    I believe Curtis is the most qualified to get the job done right. I know him to be an outstanding American, who will work hard for his country.

  69. Jeff says:

    Daniel 1:8 Curtis Bostic “made up his mind that he would not defile himself” Curtis is a man of character and integrity. I am under the belief that Daniel 6:4 applies, “the commissioners and satraps began trying to find a ground of accusation against Daniel in regard to government affairs; but they could find no ground of accusation or evidence of corruption, inasmuch as he was faithful, and no negligence or corruption was to be found in him. Can you imagine if this were said of all our Government Officials-no ground of accusation or evidence of corruption?

    • get a life says:

      You tin foil paulbots need to shut up about curtis bostic. i am going to laugh when the scandal is public just like with mark sanford sex tapes ron paul racist news letters and rex rice tax increases. you sure know how to pick losers because you are losers

  70. April says:

    Curtis Bostic… The real deal, will uphold the Constitution, work to stop horrendous spending in government, and holds to the values and love of this country that I and my family do.

  71. Amanda says:

    Curtis Bostic…Know this man personally and have nothing but good things to say about him. Great morals, a man that loves God, believes in truth and living his life to honor God and uphold the laws of the land. He is just what we need!

  72. Sheri says:

    I am voting for Curtis Bostic because: His no nonsense approach to the budget. Strong family values. Christian morals. Stance on preserving the Constitution and our rights. Selfless acts if kindness and charity to those in need. Leadership with integrity. Hope for America!

  73. Danny Pell says:

    The only true conservative that does NOT want the government to keep spending your money is Curtis Bostic, he is also pro 2nd amendment, check him out at http://www.stopspending.com

  74. joe says:

    Curtis Bostic has integrity. He is not one of the career politicians. He is conservative.no

  75. SC1 says:

    I think Mark Sanford would be an excellent choice. He is one of only a few conservatives who so strongly oppose the tax/borrow and spend mentality in Washington.

    • SC1 Voter says:

      He just borrows money from the tax payers to pay for affairs…. but what difference does it make, he payed it back :/



    (Edited for language by the moderator.)

    • SC1 Voter says:

      Well you have RINO SLimehouse who votes for Obama’s money, “fiscally conservative” Sanford who takes tax-payer funded infidelity vacations, and GOP hating Blandford…start researching, people.

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