73361_10151190864530764_1373613230_nThe Tenth Amendment Center has released an Action Alert relating to the Nullification of Obamacare in South Carolina under H3101 and S102. The article summarizes some of the games being played by timid GOP leaders and goes over the moral and legal justifications for Nullification. Here’s an excerpt of their summarization of recent events with the legislation:

When it comes to nullification of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the feet of some  Republicans in the South Carolina legislature reportedly got cold  over the last few weeks.

Rep. Bill Chumley introduced a bill to nullify Obamacare (HB3101) last month. It garnered 25 cosponsors and was ultimately referred to the House Judiciary Committee.

Committee chair Rep. Greg Delleney apparently fears nullification. He proposed changes to HB3101 that would strip all nullification language and remove direction to the South Carolina General Assembly to “adopt and enact all measures as may be necessary to prevent the enforcement of the ‘Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’ within the limits of this State.” The revised bill would only address the health insurance exchanges, leaving the rest of the PPACA intact in South Carolina.

It remains unclear why this so-called conservative refuses to stand up to the Obama administration and stop implementation of Obamacare. Perhaps he doesn’t understand the legitimacy of nullification from a historical, moral and philosophical perspective.

Or perhaps he just supports Obamacare.

As you can see, they pull no punches. In fact, towards the end of the article, they call all of us in South Carolina to action, and even encourage people around the country to call our General Assembly members and pour on the pressure for Nullification:

If you live in South Carolina, call Rep. Delleney and let him know you want SB3101 passed out of committee as written. Remind him that his obligation lies with the people of South Carolina, not special interests and that he has a duty to interpose and protect the people he serves. You can find his contact information HERE.

Also contact other committee members and urge them to vote for the bill passed as written. You can find committee member contact information HERE.

Finally, contact your own senator and representative and ask them to support SB3101. You will find House contact information HERE and Senate contact information HERE.

If you live outside of South Carolina, contact Delleney and let him know America is watching.

And you can follow health care nullification legislation across the U.S. HERE.

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