Here are the results from the straw poll taken by the RLCSC at the Patch/SCRN/RLCSC debate tonight:

There were 127 votes total

1. Ray Nash – 27 Votes (21%)
2. Mark Sanford – 20 Votes (16%)
3. Larry Grooms – 16 Votes (13%)
4. Tim Larkin – 15 Votes (12%)
5. Jonathan Hoffman – 9 Votes (7%)
6. John Kuhn – 6 Votes (5%)
6. Chip Limehouse – 6 Votes (5%)
6. Peter McCoy – 6 Votes (5%)
9. Teddy Turner – 5 Votes (4%)
10. Keith Blandford – 4 Votes (3%)
11. Ric Bryant – 3 Votes (2%)
11. Jeff King – 3 Votes (2%)
11. Elizabeth Moffly – 3 Votes (2%)
11. Andy Patrick – 3 Votes (2%)
15. Shawn Pinkston – 1 Vote (<1%)
16. Curtis Bostic – 0 Votes (0%)

Poll demographics:

Of those who indicated who they voted for in 2012, 33% voted for Mitt Romney, 28% voted for Ron Paul, 26% voted for Newt Gingrich, and 13% voted for Rick Santorum.

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3 Responses to RLCSC Straw Poll Results SC1

  1. Leila says:

    Over at Impolitical i read this, “He seems to think it’s high time to start pushing a diiisvve issue, in the midst of an economic crisis.”Well, actually it’s the perfect time from a “shock doctrine” ideological perspective. When people are in shock, it’s the best time to shake things up quickly when they cannot react. This is the kind’s of stuff Harris did when he got into power. Do all the dirty stuff at the beginning of the mandate.Make no mistake, Harper must be silently condoning this guy’s speaking out. Remember, we just had a private member’s bill in protecting the fetus, so this is just more of the same. I think that Iggy told Harper he would support him, and Harper knows that there are at least 12 libs who would back up “debate.”

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