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22.04 - Tom Utley

Conference call with Rick Simpson Dial: (712) 432-1500 Access code: 800825# #RLC http://t.co/x3Th92Ta9A

21.48 - Tom Utley

Whoops! Google Eddie Lepp:  http://www.tokeofthetown.com/2011/07/10_years_prison_upheld_in_eddy_lepp_medical_mariju.php  #RLC http://t.co/x3Th92Ta9A

21.46 - Tom Utley

Google Eddy Lupp #RLC http://t.co/x3Th92Ta9A

21.45 - Tom Utley

Rick Simpson grows Marijuana and gives away medicine for free. What a threat to society! /sarcasm #RLC http://t.co/x3Th92Ta9A

21.21 - Tom Utley

Why is there so much misinformation and ignorance about the marijuana plant? #RLC http://t.co/x3Th92Ta9A

21.15 - Tom Utley

If you were faced with the choice of prison or an illegal cure to your illness, what would you do? #RLC http://t.co/x3Th92Ta9A

21.12 - Tom Utley

Do you have any questions for Shona Banda about Cannabis oil? #RLC http://t.co/x3Th92Ta9A

21.08 - Tom Utley

Do you think cannabis oil should be a legal treatment for disease? #RLC http://t.co/x3Th92Ta9A

21.07 - Tom Utley

We’re speaking with Shona Banda, author of “Live Free or Die” on Hanging with the #RLC http://t.co/x3Th92Ta9A

21.02 - Tom Utley

Hanging with the #RLC is starting now! Click to join: http://t.co/x3Th92Ta9A

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2 Responses to Hanging with the RLC – 4/14/13 – Special Guests Rick Simpson and Shona Banda

  1. Harry says:

    Look up US Govt Cannabinoid Patent 6,630,507

  2. wingman420 says:

    I DISLIKE Republicans but nice job!!

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