There is a growing resistance to federal over-reach throughout the entire United States and it is inspiring to witness. Here in South Carolina, we are pushing back against the PPACA, Indefinite Detention, Gun Control, and more. We are enforcing the Constitution and telling the Federal Government: “No, you do not have that power, it was not given to you!”

In fact, the idea of nullification – that it was the people of the states who formed the compact detailed by the Constitution, thus creating the federal government, so it is the people of the states who can enforce the terms of the Constitution – is one of the defining features of our great Republic. You see, each state voluntarily agreed, through a ratification process and ratification treaties, to acede power to the newly created federal government, but only a set, finite list of powers. This gives us the “great experiment” of several sovereign states, or laboratories of innovation.

More importantly, this construction of this Republic gives us something that has never before been seen in history: the decentralized authority to decide what is just and un-just government, rather than all of the power of ultimate decision residing in one small, centralized body of a handful of oligarchs (or one single monarch.) This has set us apart in history and allowed our people to protect each other from things like the Alien and Sedition acts, the Fugitive Slave laws, and disproportionate taxation – all without causing any wars or rebellions.

Unfortunately, many Americans have the false notion that the Federal Supreme Court is the ultimate decision maker in matters of Constitutionality, and I suppose the power-hungry narcissists in the federal government are happy about that incorrect assumption, but the fact is that the United States Constitution leaves that power in the hands of the people as represented by their States. It is the very nature of the Constitution, and of our Republic of sovereign states.

The truth of the matter is that nullification represents the triumph of the Constitution over the nature of governments to centralize all power and to oppress their people. Nullification is our tool to restrain the federal government and to restrict it to serving only its proper role, while allowing the people of the several states to govern themselves in the manner in which they see most fit. This message has been lost through miseducation and historical ignorance, but it is making a comeback of epic proportions.

A series of events is unfolding right now that should be inspiring to all Americans who believe in the principles outlined in the Constitution. The people of Kansas decided to nullify unconstitutional federal gun control and the bill was signed into law by their governor. Shortly after that, Eric Holder, the US Attorney General, sent a very threatening letter to Governor Brownback, asserting that anything and everything that he decides is Constitutional will be forced upon the people of Kansas, and that they had better not resist. (included below)

At this point, Kansas could have buckled. Their governor could have said “OK, we’re sorry, we’ll fall back into line.” But they didn’t, and the response from Governor Brownback deserves our respect and our support:


The political enemies of liberty and Constitutional government will decry this and will assert the same old falsehoods we’ve heard all along: “The federal government is supreme, anything they do is constitutional until they say it isn’t!” But the people aren’t taking that kind of nonsense any more. Kansas is a shining example of intestinal fortitude and of the triumph of the Constitution over tyrants. South Carolina needs to follow suit!

Holder’s letter to Kansas:

Eric Holder Threatens Kansas Over Gun Control Nullification by Tenth Amendment Center

Kansas’ response:

Sam Brownback responds to Eric Holder over 2nd Amendment Protection Act

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