Yesterday, I received an unsolicited email with the above image in it, asking me for donations for SC Senate Republicans. This image makes the extraordinary claim that the South Carolina Senate Republicans stopped Obamacare. In the spirit of the current NBA Finals, this is a flagrant foul of the worst kind.

The truth of the matter is that SC Senate Republicans are currently sitting on and blocking the one measure at their disposal that actually would stop Obamacare, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care (unconstitutional) Act: H.3101, the Freedom of Healthcare Protection Act, which passed the SC House with an overwhelming vote of 65-39, with most (if not all) House Republicans voting for it. Unfortunately, this bill is currently in the SC Senate Finance Committee, where bills generally go to die. Hugh Leatherman refuses to let it out of committee, or even have a hearing on it, for reasons unknown. The SC Senate Republicans could in fact vote to overrule the committee and bring it to the floor, then vote to stop Obamacare, but they refuse to do so!

You can put pressure on them by calling the members of the committee, and the members of the SC Senate. I would encourage everyone to do so. Let them know that their lies aren’t fooling anyone. If they don’t act quickly, we will lose our most fundamental rights, the ability to choose how we take care of ourselves. The same IRS that is embroiled in corruption and political targeting scandals will be making determinations on whether or not you get life-saving medical procedures. How does that make you feel?

You should be outraged. The fact is, the only thing the SC Senate Republicans did was block an effort by Democrats to expand medicaid in this state. By the way, there is a Republican plan to do basically the same thing that has not been killed yet. Either way, this does nothing to stop Obamacare. This is one small piece of Obamacare, and the fact is that if the legislation goes into effect then there will be federal healthcare exchanges that will simply overrule whatever our state government does. H.3101 puts in place the framework for resistance, the ability for us to say “No!” to those new exchanges and regulations and taxes. The only way the SC Senate can stop Obamacare is to pass H3101.


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