Chairman Connelly,

Thank you for publicly urging South Carolina Republicans to contact their state Senators last week in opposition of Obama’s expanded pre-kindergarten plan.  It is our duty as a party to be vigilant and actively hold elected Republican officials accountable when they stray from our platform.  I believe that starts with leadership, and I commend you for taking the initiative.

In your email, you described the SC Senate as “the place where good legislation goes to die.”  As I’m sure you are well aware, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Hugh Leatherman has yet to schedule a subcommittee hearing for Rep. Bill Chumley’s H3101, the SC Freedom of Healthcare Protection Act.  The bill was passed overwhelmingly by House Republicans on May 1.  The bill arrived in the Senate the next day.  It currently sits on Senator Leatherman’s desk, where it will die if his committee does not move it along for a Senate floor vote in the next three weeks.

Obama’s Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act is fast upon us.  Currently there is nothing preventing South Carolina from opening a state-based exchange, allowing citizens to enroll in government-subsidized healthcare plans effective in September..  Nor is there any current legislation protecting South Carolinians from being  fined for lack of federally-approved healthcare coverage, effective in January of next year.  South Carolina has no mechanism in place to prevent new federal regulations on health insurance providers, which many expect to triple healthcare costs in our state & place unnecessary burdens on providers and patients alike.  These draconian mandates will also be implemented in January of next year.  Senator Jim Demint referred to “ObamaCare” as a “bureaucratic nightmare” of “159 federal agencies” to run health care in America.

Chairman Connelly, I’m calling on you to take the lead once again on this issue.  Send a strong, public message to all South Carolina Republicans, urging them to contact Senator Leatherman’s office immediately at  (803), and  @hughkleatherman demanding a Senate Finance Subcommittee hearing on H3101.  Tell them also to contact their Senators at (803), or @scsenategop and ask each and every one of them to put H3101 on special order for a full Senate vote.  Lastly, Chairman Connelly, I ask that you personally contact Governor Nikki Haley as well as each member of our South Carolina Republican delegation in Washington, DC and ask them to publicly urge the SC Senate to allow a full vote on H3101.

South Carolina, along with the rest of this great nation, is in the 11th hour of a looming crisis that will shape the future of our Republic.  ObamaCare is coming soon, Chairman Connelly.  I’m asking you to lead this party in a battle for individual liberty, the free market, and limited government in the state of South Carolina.  I eagerly await your response to this dire request.  Thanks again.

Robbie W.Bowen
Republican Liberty Caucus
South Carolina Upstate Chapter

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