Dear friends,

There are a lot of faslehoods spread in politics. I understand that. Most of the time it’s best to just let them go unnoticed but sometimes the falsehoods leave an impression and it’s important to set the record straight so that false impressions do not remain. This is one of those times.

Earlier today upstate activist Karen Martin posted an article that claimed Harry Kibler, founder of RINO Hunt, publicly attacked Shane Martin. While we still have no evidence of such an attack and no quotes to clue us in on what Kibler allegedly said, the article then mentioned the RLC and asked us whether we would stand by and let Kibler continue to make these alleged attacks on Martin and prospective Republican house candidate Gaye Holt. The RLC is not interested in playing that game.

The Republican Liberty Caucus has had nothing but a positive relationship with both Shane Martin and Gaye Holt. In Holt’s case she was even our endorsed candidate last year for her House seat and we have no reason to suspect we won’t support her again. Shane Martin was a speaker at our last state convention and has been an important point of contact on legislation in the recent past. We consider both Gaye Holt and Shane Martin to be assets to the conservative cause.

Regarding Harry Kibler, we aren’t affiliated with him or RINO Hunt, but  as I read the article I would point out that I do not see any quotes of his in the article. What specifically did Mr. Kibler say that was an “attack” on Gaye Holt or Shane Martin? It is impossible to pass judgment on Mr. Kibler without knowing what was said.

Regretfully, because of this article, Patch has already linked to it with the comment that “Republicans/Libertarians [are] fighting with each other.” This false impression is why I have no choice but to reach out to you to personally set the record straight. Just a short while ago I asked Karen Martin to remove references to the RLC from her article. She refused leaving me no choice but to write this.

In conclusion, let me reaffirm our belief that both Holt and Martin are strong conservative voices in a state desperately in need of such conservative voices. Our organization is not interested in playing games or participating in the soap operas that others find entertaining. We believe that our state has too many problems on its hands to waste time worrying about that. And we plan on continuing to work with like-minded individuals, such as Holt and Martin, to find solutions to promote individual liberty and protect our God-given freedoms.

In Liberty,




Daniel T. Encarnacion
SC State Secretary
Republican Liberty Caucus



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2 Responses to Response to Karen Martin’s Insinuation that the RLC Opposes Shane Martin

  1. There’s definately a great deal to learn about this issue. I love
    all the points you made.

  2. […] The RLC was gracious today in affirming their support for Senator Shane Martin: […]

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