On Monday, the Charleston County Republican Party Executive Committee voted without dissent to publicly oppose military intervention in Syria.


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2 Responses to Charleston GOP Unanimously Votes to Oppose Syria War

  1. Salvatore Livreri. DMD says:

    If you are of a non-interventionsit slant (a-la-Ron Paul), this comment will not apply to you. But I cannot help but feel that the Republicans would be for intervention in Syria IF a Republican was in the White House. However, because a Democrat is in the White House, we are all of a sudden a county of non-interventionists.

    How is this any different than Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, etc? Not that I want them to be consistent (because that would be wrong), but this frankly nauesates me.

    It was funny as even the Democrats tried to figure what side they should be on. MoveOn.Org even had to have a poll of its members. It really to me is comical to see the people have to switch sides in the dance hall. Can people think for themselves without having the media tell them what to think?!?!

    Commence the hate mail in 3, 2, 1…

    • George Kelly says:

      Luckily the Charleston GOP is now in a bit more sane hands than it used to be. Ron Paul supporters have a strong presence in the party now and others have come around. At least half of the opponents of Syria intervention are genuinely against intervention.

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