Americans Shocked Over ObamaCare Rates

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Read some of the personal testimonials on’s Facebook page:

My families insurance rates went up to $1000 per month. Obamacare has forced us to become uninsured. Stop this law!!

I got notice that my blue cross was being canceled. The cheapest Obamacare replacement is $160 per month more and my total risk increases from $5000 to $12,500. The good news is that my menopausal wife and I now have maternity, pediatric dental and vision! Thanks a lot.

$12,000 to cover my family with a policy full of sky high deductibles? You call this affordable? I guess I’ll just have to be a criminal as there’s no way I can afford this mess.

obamacareI now pay $525 per month. The ACA estimate is $1078 per month! How the heck am I supposed to afford that? This is insanity. Obamacare is a lifetime of ransom payments I can’t make.

This sucks – my premium will go from $230 to $528 with HIGHER deductibles and HIGHER copays. WTF is “affordable” about that?

My family premium of $789/mo for a healthy family of five just went up to $1700/mo, for a plan that we were completely happy with. What happened to “if you like your plan you can keep it”? What happened to the average middle class family saving $2500/year? My premium is now higher than my mortgage. Thanks for nothing.

So compare my old Plan: 100% coverage for $545 a month. To New Plan: 80% Coverage for $954 a month.

310% increase in premiums. My AFFORDABLE healthcare plan was taken from me by you. Now a third of my paycheck will go to Cigna. Exactly how the HELL IS THIS AFFORDABLE?

Fraud! Doubled our rate and increased our deductible by thousands. Vote accordingly in 2014!

Just found out my premiums will triple as compared to my perfectly adequate plan that was cancelled due to the law. Obama lied and my health insurance died.

My premium in California more than doubled for less coverage (now almost $1,000 / month). We now have predator gov’t, and the Gorgon Sebelius is now everyone’s master. Where do I go to vote Sebelius outta office? Oh.

Family of six, middle class income, $18,744 per month with a $8,000 deductible… No subsitiy. I will stick with my employer insurance which I’m sure will skyrocket. Barack must be sitting back laughing his butt off at us, his subjects being screwed

on the colorado exchange i was told that for my family of 5 making $40k a year that my preimum would be $625 a month, that is half my rent and twice my car payment, that is for the bronze plan plus a $12k deductable on top of that and becuase my employer offers health insurance, to the price of about $900 a month, i dont qualify for subsidies. so tell me again how is any of this affordable?

Affordable? How is this affordable???????? The rates are HUGE and the deductible is, too. HOW? HOW am I supposed to afford something like this?????? I barely put food on my table, and pay for my most basic expenses. HOW am I supposed to spend money on this THAT I DON’T HAVE????????

Um it doesn’t matter if you qualify for subsidies if you are still paying 40% of the bill and your deductible is 6000… Seriously how anyone views this as better or affordable is beyond me!!!!

Thanks you for raising my premium $420/months and my deductbile $10,000 a year. My only problem is where to get the additional $15,040 a year from? I’m not loving this. I want the old coverage I had when I used to work 40 hours a week instead of 29. This change isn’t working out so good

My already crappy PPO plan costs $198/month. Looking at the ACA plans, the cheapest PPO is $330/month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cheapest HMO plan is $284! With TWICE the deductible. Someone please point me to the “Affordable” area.

Insanely expensive! $1207 a month for me and my healthy young family. I can’t afford a second mortgage just for a high deductible plan!

I can’t understand how they expect healthy people to sign up for this when it cost so much more than the penalty. I think only people who have health problems will sign up and from what I here that will raise the rates further.

Insurance rates through the roof!!! Unaffordable care act!!

For a family a 3 and only 1 income, my premium would be $5815, no subsidy and a $12,700 deductible. The premium alone is a 61% increase. So much for affordable.

I thought Obamacare was supposed to be FREE! I discovered that it will cost me MORE money than my current plan for LESS coverage! I’m disabled and my current plan costs $398 a month. It pays 100% after I pay $1500 a year out of pocket. Obamacare will cost me $759 and I STLIL have to pay 20% of all charges….and I have a lot of cherges. I CAN’T AFFORD the “Affordable” Care Act! This is a complete SCAM!

This sucks. Premiums like 70% HIGHER than just last year. Suck it Obama!

Their phone number says it all (800) F1UCK-YO. They think we’re suckers.

You guys are liars – this is nothing like you told people it was going to be. And now my friends are being dropped by their bosses and forced on this crap.

I looked at options on the KY Exchange (KYnect), using the highest deductible and highest co-pay the system would allow, and unfortunately, our premiums will increase by over $300 per month over what we pay now.

I am so disappointed. These prices are outrageous and there are huge deductibles. No one can afford this!

I have one question. What happens if I can’t afford the Affordable Health Care that you are cramming down my throat? I just ran your calculator, and if it is even close to accurate, I will have a choice…..I can pay my rent and buy groceries, or I can pay the health care premiums, move out into the streets and live under a bridge some where, and go hungry!

I am a single mother of two, in school and working full time, living 75% below the poverty level, and I DO NOT qualify for a healthcare subsidy. Are you F’ing kidding me???? Where the HELL am I supposed to get $3,000 more a year to pay for this “bronze” health insurance plan!?!??? And I DO NOT EVEN WANT INSURANCE to begin with!! This is frightening.

My co-worker was able to log on and she was checking for her son who makes $8000 a year. The lowest tier had monthly premiums of $215 ($2600 per year) with an annual deduction of $5000.00. How is that affordable?

$6k per person cap or $13k per family cap on top of premiums is more than most can afford these days. Its just not realistic.

I thought Obama said my rates would go down $2500 a year for my family. That’s odd. The policy he said I could keep doesn’t satisfy the non affordable care act and one that does that has similar coverage is $1000 more a month. Wow.


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2 Responses to Americans Shocked Over ObamaCare Rates

  1. Obummered says:

    Add me to the chorus of furious voices! I’m self-employed and had a plan I was basically happy with. True, the premiums were increasing about $50/mth. every year, and I wasn’t too happy about THAT. But I was hoping the “Affordable” Care Act would stop the inflation.

    No such luck.

    My plan was canceled, and while I can get a slightly cheaper premium on the exchange ($340/mth. as opposed to $390/mth.), any savings are entirely eaten by the enormous deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance. I never used to have a deductible. Now the cheapest one I can find is $1,500, and most are $2,500 and up. I never used to have co-insurance, either. Now most of the plans I see are requiring that I share 20-30% of the costs. I used to pay a $20 co-pay to see any in-network physician I wanted. Now co-pays are $30 and up for my PCP and $50 and up for specialists! Visits to the ER used to have a $50 copay. Now it’s $300! And I don’t even know if my doctors and area hospitals participate in the ObummerCare plans.

    After falling on hard health and career times, I moved back in with my parents to make ends meet. I was so full of hope that ObamaCare would reduce my premiums enough to help me get back on my feet again. Now I’m looking at the opportunity to get my independence back receding into the distance, and I’m brokenhearted.

  2. Barry Conner says:

    I currently have a COBRA policy for another 6 months and then it runs out. I am 60 years old and there is just me and my wife. The current monthly COBRA premium is $954.75 which I think is outrageous. It covers 80% and has dental and vision included. The deductible is $500. I went to the obamacare exchange for my state and for $1545 /month I can get a plan that has a 2,600 deductible with no dental and vision coverage. If I drop down to the bronze plan for $973 per month it will cover 60% with a $12,700 deductible. So now I have to pay more to get less. I don’t have any more money at the end of the month so I will have to drop down to the bronze plan and hope to God either of us don’t get sick as I don’t have $12,500 in the bank to pay the deductible. This is so wrong I can’t believe anyone would be for this law. I cannot afford this and I’m not sure what I can do about it but I am mad as hell.

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